Old Faithful

Old Faithful

There has been a meeting of the Friends, and we thought you would like to see Old Faithful, water has been coming out of the ground and nobody is quite sure were it is coming from! and we are still trying to find out!

The water is a constant flow and was very dangerous last winter when it froze

On a walk through the park , we saw these,

Dog Rose Roseaicanina

Herb Robert

Lime Tillia

The Friends are hoping to have a “Tree Trail” for eveybody to enjoy.

Yardley Old Park is a wonderful area for wild life and Conservation, well work a visit

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This the first post in our new blog to tell the story of what happens at Yardley Old Park.  It will take a while to get a range of material on this site, but anything we write you can also comment on.

Yardley Social Media Surgery

As the picture shows we’re setting up the site at the Yardley Social Media Surgery.

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